metanoicluhan asked: { sms } I'm gonna go apartment searching now so call/text me when you get off work later!! Maybe we can go out for dinner

[ sms; sunshine ☼ ] apartment searching for what? move back in with me, dork.

1 week ago
metanoicluhan asked: { sms } i miss you, so have a good day at work and don't forget i love you - A -

[ sms; sunshine ☼ ] i love you too, baby. I hope you don’t miss me too much while I’m away, okay? cloudy is still there if you want something to hold while I’m away. But don’t love him more than me-

1 week ago
metanoicluhan asked: { sms } it reminded me of you when we first met in the coffee shop!

[ sms; sunshine ☼ ] I didn’t blush!!

1 week ago
metanoicluhan asked: { sms } there was this kid looking at me in the library and he blushed when he got caught ahaha what a cutie

[ sms; sunshine ☼ ] … I have to come over?

1 week ago
metanoicluhan asked: { text from 小鹿☼ } ♡ I'm bad with sweet words but you know what I mean

[ sms; sunshine ☼ ] are you really sure about that? Every word you say is a sweet word

1 week ago
metanoicluhan asked: { text from 小鹿☼ } I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow

[ sms; sunshine ☼ ] what about today? ㅠㅠ

1 week ago
metanoicluhan asked: { text from 小鹿☼ } I miss you!

[ sms; sunshine ☼ ] I miss you more, love

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metanoicluhan asked: { When he gets home from work, Lu Han leaves a small box tied with a bow on the kitchen counter with a note slipped underneath the ribbon. "Happy third anniversary, Yifan! ♡" Inside the package is a small, individual cake; it's enough for the occasion--at least he hopes it is--so he walks to the bedroom in order to relax after a stressful day. }

[`coming home from a hard’s day work was something the officer had been looking forward to all day. schedules upon schedules were piling up, and he was so stressed that he could have sworn he saw a few strands of hair fall to his desk earlier. maybe it was his imagination. the moment he arrives home, he spots the small parcel lying on the counter top and he curiously walks over to pick it up, reading the small note attached with a smile. the smell wafts through the box and it only hits him even more when he opens it and spots his favorite dessert—tiramisu—setting inside perfectly untouched and yearning to be tasted.

he can’t help the smile that blossoms across his face while placing it back down gently and making his way towards the bedroom where he assumes his boyfriend is waiting} Baobei..?

1 month ago

This time, the male’s pretty awake—it must’ve been the coffee he drank earlier to stay up and now it’s getting back to him. Oh well, at least he has Friday and Saturday off, even if he and Yifan end up just staying home and cuddling up for Valentine’s Day (an option he is perfectly content with, as Lu Han’s rather lazy at heart). He’s just finished drawing the weather report on the bedroom window: “0℃” with a smiling sun, a message scribbled below it saying “Good morning, baby. I hope you have a good day! (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)”

Stepping quietly to Yifan’s bedside table, Lu Han gently places a wrapped box with a small but silly Valentine card stuck underneath the ribbon. Inside is his gift for the holiday, a silver engraved dog tag that says “吴亦凡” on one side and “加油!” on the other. He’s thought about making the personalized messages lovey-dovey, but it might be embarrassing for the blond to wear, so he opts for something rather neutral but encouraging.

He sneaks out of the bedroom as to not wake his boyfriend up, though he does manage to press a soft kiss to the officer’s cheek before leaving to the kitchen. It’s another one of those times to pack the other lunch, but Yifan’s earlier words echo in his head as he prepares the bento. Lu Han figures that he’ll pack extra for his boyfriend’s co-workers since he has a tendency of cooking too much anyway, but he first works on his boyfriend’s two-layer bento first.

The bottom tray is half-filled with rice; the other half of the space is occupied by some grilled sausage links, folded egg, and pieces of fried chicken. The top houses dumplings and stir fried vegetables like before, but he also manages to squeeze in some mandarin slices in their own separate paper tray next to the savory foods. Once that bento is done, the brunette explicitly labels it “For Wu Yifan! ♡” before moving onto the ones for the other officers.

After rubbing his eyes, he doesn’t bother to put rice in any of the layers. Instead, he fills it with grilled sausages, fried chicken, folded egg, dumplings, and vegetables, so people can pick and choose what they want as they please. This one just has a note that says “Please enjoy (and don’t take any of Yifan’s lunch). Thank you!” which Lu Han hopes will be paid attention to.

He sneaks a small box of chocolates and a separate container of kimchi just for his boyfriend, hidden by everything else. The brunette can only hope that nobody takes it at the station.

When all the food preparations are complete, the teacher moves onto his next task as a Valentine’s surprise. His fingers wrap around heart-shaped post-its (being a kindergarten teacher had its benefits other than the gratification of teaching children; he got a bunch of useful materials too) before he uncaps a pen and scribbles Chinese on them. After all the messages are written, Lu Han moves to tape them onto surfaces that he knows Yifan will see in the morning.

1. The bathroom mirror: “You just woke up, huh? Good morning! ^^”

2. Yifan’s dresser: “You always look good to me. Definitely boyfriend material!! Don’t let some cute person seduce you, okay?”

3. The coffee machine: “Drink drink drink up and don’t forget to fill your thermos, okay? I would do it, but I don’t want the coffee to get cold by the time you go to work…”

4. The refrigerator: “Breakfast is in the microwave! I made your favorites and some extras, so just pick and choose what you’d like.”

5. The front door: “Have a wonderful day, babe!”

Once he’s done, he really doesn’t know what to do. He’s still pretty awake and he doesn’t want his restlessness to wake his already-sleep-deprived boyfriend, so Lu Han opts to stay out in the living room and prepare some things for his students. The smile on his face widens when he finds Luna awake with him, the little kitten choosing to nuzzle and curl up on the brunette’s shoulder comfortably. It’s pretty unfortunate that he has to go in early yet again and stay later—conditions given to him in order to take Friday and Saturday off—but he figures it’s worth it if he can spend two more extra days with his boyfriend. He’ll be long gone before Yifan wakes up and he can only hope that the officer will understand his position.

When the teacher finally gets sleepy, he just curls up on the couch with Luna, thankful that the heat in the house is enough to keep him warm without a blanket.


The incessant beeping of his alarm finally stirs the officer from his deep slumber, groggily lifting a heavy hand to fumble and shut the noisy device off. It’s one of those days where Yifan wants nothing more than to stay curled up underneath the blankets and gain a couple of more hours of sleep, regardless of how much he’s already had. The blond’s head lifts to eye the empty spot beside him; a hand roaming over the sheets and feeling the slight chill that lingers on them, a sign that Lu Han’s been gone long before he awoke. As much as Yifan hates the fact that he can hardly ever wake up next to his boyfriend, he still treasures the thought of at least being able to fall asleep together at least.

Rajah’s bark draw his attention to the edge of the bed, laughing at the pup tugs on the sheets to pull them off the officer’s body as a definite wake-up call, assuming he was probably starving. “I’m up, I’m up!” laughs, reaching out to tug the blankets back and onto the bed before he finally gets up himself. A tired yawn bellows in the room while looking around, spotting the message against the windows again—Lu Han’s daily weather report.

He walks over to read the small message scribbles underneath and he already misses his boyfriend so much, wanting nothing more than to curl the other into his arms and press sleepy kisses along the other’s nape as more of an attempt to wake himself up. Yifan made it his mission to do exactly that when he gets home from work tonight, and tomorrow and the day after because for the first time in a while, he’ll be able to wake up to the brunette in his arms.

The pup barks again behind him, drawing Yifan from his musings and spotting the small box perched upon the bedside table, laughing as if Rajah was alerting the male of its’ presence.

”You knew about this, huh?” he asks Rajah while grabbing the box, first grabbing the card and reading the message inside before he bursts out into mirthful laughter at the cheesiness of it. He opens the box next to look at his gift, feeling his heart clench with affection at the dog tag, carefully taking it out and reading their names engraved on either side. It was simple, and yet it was so meaningful to the officer. It was a memento he could carry around with him no matter where he went, knowing that no matter where he was, Lu Han gave his full support and encouragement to him. Unclasping the necklace, he places it around his neck and stares down at it, twirling the plate between his fingers with a small smile.

Yifan’s next stop was the bathroom—not only to do his morning duties—but to see how the necklace looked perched around his neck. What he notices on the mirror catches his attention and if the officer’s smile wasn’t already big enough, he was practically grinning from ear to ear now. After brushing his teeth and taking a quick shower, he walks back to the bedroom to pick out a pair of boxers, spotting the next note on the dresser and he can’t help but laugh to himself at the comment.

”No one’s gonna seduce me unless it’s you in lingerie again..” he murmurs softly, laughing even harder as he hears Rajah whine behind him. “Rajah, trust me. Seeing Lu Han will make you think otherwise, I promise.”

Next stop is the kitchen and the male pours a generous amount of food for both Rajah and Luna respectively, walking over to make his daily mug of coffee, spotting the next note plastered there. He reaches for it and adds the post-it to his already growing collection before starting the machine. His gaze surveys the area, finding another note stuck to the fridge and he walks over to read it as well.

”Breakfast, huh?” he questions to himself, opening the microwave and eyeing the different array of foods, wondering how much he could eat by himself. Once he was done there, he continued getting dressed while taking out a gift of his own and placing it on top of the bed for Lu Han when he returns home, hoping the other would like it as much as he enjoyed picking it out.

Sending one more goodbye to Luna and Rajah, he grabs his coat and it about to open the door before he spots the last note and he grabs this one, folding it neatly and placing it inside his breast pocket as a good luck charm, knowing that with the brunette on his mind, any day would be wonderful to him.

2 months ago

He’s tired as hell, to the point where even walking to the bed seems like an overwhelming task, but he forces himself upward. The brunette goes toward the bedroom window with a marker in hand—he’s careful not to wake his sleeping boyfriend (for once thankful that the officer is a rather deep sleeper) as he scribbles a bunch of clouds and a sad face in the middle of them, then writing a “5℃” on the side of it. After Lu Han’s done with the weather report, he slips out into the kitchen.

His hands set the bento down for Yifan to take to work when he’s in a hurry to get there on time in the morning (see, they’re both lazy wakers, but Lu Han’s usually the one getting up first and tomorrow he has to head in early for a meeting). One side of the bottom layer is filled with rice while the other with some pieces of fried chicken and folded egg. The top layer holds a few dumplings and stir fried vegetables. Two small, separate containers hold apple slices and kimchi in their respective spaces. When the teacher is satisfied that everything’s in order, he puts it all in a bag and leaves a post-it on with the words “For Wu Yifan!” on it.

When all preparations have been done, Lu Han rubs his eyes and goes to crawl into bed carefully, then nestling both into his boyfriend’s body warmth and the thick blankets.


The sun’s rays awaken him far before his alarm goes off, causing the officer to squint in his half-awake state to look at the source. It wasn’t much light, but the curtains were pulled back only slightly enough to allow a stream of sun to filter through, enough to wake even Yifan in his deep slumber. Confusion causes his brows to knit together, wondering why today of all days he was stirred from slumber but a brief image drawn against the window catches his eyes.

The male yawns, stretching his arms out and turning to find the spot next to him empty, although he knows Lu Han had an early shift and was long gone before the blond even awoke. His hand skims across the sheets, still feeling his boyfriend’s warmth before he slowly gets out of bed to examine the message on the window.

A deep chuckle emanates in the back of his throat as he looks at the image, reaching a finger to trace against the clouds while staring at the blanket of clouds covering the sky. The teacher always knew how to make his day brighter even without the literal sun; the nickname ringing even more true in his mind than before.

Making his way towards the kitchen, he spots the bag sitting on the counter and before he even open it, he already knows what’s inside from the faint smell of kimchi and chicken.

“Ah, what am I going to do with you?” he questions jokingly with a languid grin plastered across his lips.

2 months ago
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