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      ◎ life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting. 

"Ask yourself, have you ever wanted to do something important? Have you ever considered that some people were just born to make an impact while you sit around and pray that something will happen because god forbid you have to go home to your pathetic life without meaning." Her professor shifted uncomfortably in his chair as she spoke, her gaze staring into his with no hint of humor in her eyes. "Kiko, I think you’re taking my question a bit too—" "A bit too what? Seriously? You asked me the question, I gave you the answer in the form of my own question."

He pondered the words that had slid from her mouth like venom and he decided arguing with her was going to be nothing but a quick and easy bite to the throat for him. “Alright, you’ve caught my attention. What do you want?” She leaned forward, black nails tapping against her thigh as she finally got what she wanted. “An A. You know this is the one class I will always be bad at and you know I need an A. Just do me a solid once.”

The male stood from his chair with a heavy sigh, this wasn’t the first time he has changed her grade, let alone her scores on a test.. she’s conned him into exams, projects, even class notes. So when she said once, she meant this time. “Fine.” Kiko grinned, her hands clapping together as she stood as well, kneeling to gather her things before starting to walk from the room, “Wait, Kiko.” She turned,

                                   ”What do you want to do in this world?”

The question was simple, easy. The perfect counter to her earlier rambling. Yet his throat went dry the minute she grinned, the glint in her eye was far from playful as she spoke two words then exited. They swallowed him from the inside out. Echoing in his mind..

                                                                            ❝ Destroy it.❞ 

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The boy looked up rather boredly at the taller male, reaching his hand up to shield his eyes from the sunlight that blocked his vision and he let out an amused snort before turning his gaze back to the book in his lap. 

"You aren’t fooling anyone, Yifan. You look like some big, dumb brute coming to attack a skinny little child.. How about you back up about ten feet and lose the deep man voice. I don’t really enjoy feeling your dick on my forehead nor feeling like some middle aged man is trying to pull some kinky shit on me."

"Do I?" an amused chuckle slipped past his lips at the other’s words, giving a languid shrug. "Maybe I am, that wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Except the ‘dumb’ part. Everything else sounds pretty accurate." Instead of stepping back to give the younger male space, he took a small step closer so that he was in the boy’s personal space, wanting to make the other feel as uncomfortable as possible, "You make me sound so old. You and I both know that I’m not some middle aged guy, and even if I was, I’d still look this handsome."

Finally stepping back, the added space gives him enough of a view to finally take in the boy’s appearance, realizing that it has truly been awhile since he’s seen the other. “All jokes aside, you don’t look like you’ve changed a bit.”

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{/His eyes did not become lackluster, but rather, the twinkle in his gaze became normalized between the pair; it was almost as if his psyche—long under duress—felt the removal of an emotional weight that he didn’t do well at explaining the presence of. There were a lot of facts, inconvenient and otherwise, to their past, many of which Dongwoo didn’t necessarily feel like mentioning; they had undeniably both lived every minute of it, and if you felt comfortable leaving it behind, then so did he.} If you can… accept who I was then, then I can accept who you are now. And all that. {/The hacker’s words were perhaps not all inclusive, but they rang with a genuine tone that he at least hoped would make you feel relieved, to some degree. The raven-haired man’s heart fluttered in a painfully vulnerable fashion, his hands not moving, even as his palms rose from the flesh of your cheek, the tips of his fingers still exploring the bone structure softly.) I… {/He blinked quickly, taking a deep breath and inflating his cheeks and swollen lips as he did so, staring at your lips without a second thought of infatuation or questioned romance; it was always hard for him to restrain himself, but in an environment that felt genuine despite how often he was one to hold cynical views of the world around him, he wanted to be free. Finally, free.} I wanna be with you, Wufan.

[‘just when the officer thought that nothing could get more shocking than they already were, he was amazed at how you could find a way to completely take him by surprise once more. the gentle touches, the affectionate gaze—they were all signs of what was to come next and he didn’t know what to say. suspicions were confirmed with the confession and it was almost alarming how he could go from the quick-witted officer to a speechless man around you; but to jump to conclusions about what those words meant seemed like a bad idea, but he was pretty sure that he knew, regardless of if you elaborated on the meaning or not. things were speeding at a rate that he couldn’t keep up with, especially with his newly single status, to jump right back into a commitment was something he didn’t want, nor did it seem like the right time. wufan wouldn’t deny that he wanted to be with dongwoo as well, though. there was so much to catch up on, pent up emotions that needed to be dealt with before either of them could be comfortable enough to slide into a relationship} Is that really what you want?

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         ▌▌ᴛᴏ ʀᴜɴ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʟғ ᴡᴀs ᴛᴏ ʀᴜɴ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs ▌▌

  Whispers echoed around him, following him. Swirling in his brain and sending shockwaves over his body with each step. His nimble fingers turned the thin pages of the book he had balanced on the palm of his hand. The pencil making an accidental lead streak along the inked words on the paper and he cursed under his breath, erasing the mark and crossing his legs over each other. He had started to glance up before the voice rumbled in his mind to tell him he needed to continue his studies, not to be distracted and that he hadn’t even bothered to write his name at the top of the page yet. The boy almost spoke out against the voice in his mind though he caught himself, It would be idiotic to seem as if he was scolding himself about a draft paper. His reddened eyes remained locked over the notes he had already made and the words that seemed to dance almost seemlessly off the page.

"One day.." He told himself, "One day I will be the one they make stupid notes about." The male grunted as he nodded to no one in particular before the voice boomed in his mind again about the name at the top of the paper. This time, he opened his mouth to speak— tone rigid as it was quite clear he was rather annoyed. "I didn’t ask for your stupid almighty wisdom right now. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m supposed to be doing this report alone. Meaning no help, not to mention at all that I didn’t ask for a study buddy. So fuck off." The people around him stared, the boy had talked to himself.. He realized his mistake, pulling his hood up over his head and hunching over to scribble his name at the top of the page so he wouldn’t look as ridiculous. 

His pencil almost snapped in half as again, the voice spoke with it’s words mocking him. 

     ’You know, Zen, he is just going to make you summarize it.. You write too much.”

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{/Through the rise and fall of his emotional influx, the hacker could eventually regain control of his sporadic and capricious show of mental state, sliding his face away from where it caressed the crevice of your neck to lazily gaze into your own eyes; he pulled his glasses off and wiped his eyes with the other hand, consciously making sure not to pull too far away—making sure not to break the embrace he had waited for. As you mumbled his name, he finally swallowed his collected saliva harshly, slowly focusing on his breathing as his eyes wandered but connected with your own not a moment too late—listening intently as you spoke. The chuckle that slipped past his lips was probably more in jest of your own, but he slid his glasses back on and cupped your cheeks with the palms of his hands so gently, rubbing the skin before your cheekbones in a seemingly hesitant fashion.} What should I accept, huh? The way you tease me? {/His words were much softer and almost submissive in nature, his gaze seeming to admire your expression from behind his still fogged glasses with another, much more genuine grin; he was eager to continue where the two had left off, despite his borderline delusional wishes. He would marry the officer this evening, if that’s what was in their own planned future.}

[‘the warmth he felt as you pressed your palms against his cheeks seemed foreign to him in more ways than one. it’s been so long since he’s had this type of intimacy with anyone, and more importantly, it was coming from you. if he could sum up their relationship, he would definitely admit that they’ve had moments like this where they both let their barriers drop long enough to expose a vulnerable side to them, but he’d never seen this—cute—side of you. even more so, the grin that was on your face gave him this type of accomplishment that he hadn’t felt with anyone else. blame it on the fact that it seemed damn near impossible to coax such a genuine and sweet reaction from you, but it still made him want to laugh, if only a little. they had both just gone from having him feel like shit for making you cry, to feeling giddy at the fact that he had just managed to make you smile all in the same time span] You’ve always accepted the way I tease you, yeah? If not, then you better accept it now because I’m not going to stop doing it any time soon. [‘laughs] What I meant was accepting of me. Of the person I am now regardless of the past we had together. Can you accept that I’ve made mistakes in the past and that I want have what we had back then. But that decision is ultimately up to you in the end.

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{/Even though his more harsh physical reaction was to his own words, the man listened to your phrases as well as he could, despite the fact that the mental filter between his thoughts and the outside world only thickened in his emotional state. Your arms triggered further tears, the flaring of his nostrils and quivering of his limbs finally evident as he sobbed aloud, hands shaking violently at the gesture. After half of an immeasurable moment, he hesitantly slid his arms around your waist, checking lightly to see if you were another night terror before beginning to squeeze your body to him with what was still a rather weak pull. His face tucked into the crevice of your neck as his copious tears slid down the curvature of his cheeks, only to find themselves resting along the light skin that he laid himself against. Dongwoo didn’t know what else to do—truth be told, he wasn’t capable of much else—but to simply cry (through the ugliness of his wet appearance; even if the sounds were morbid even to the aloof boy himself), his body finally physically allowing itself to show the signs of his pent up emotion and unsure mental aggravations that were held primarily towards himself. The hacker was in an undeniable daze, and as much as he wanted to verbally confirm the concept that this was some sort of second attempt for the two to be together, or some such of the les folies that he so often attempted to consume himself within, he found the moment too precious. He didn’t know if this was another illusion he was providing himself as comfort, but he was hopelessly determined to take what you would give him.}

{‘the officer was still in a state of awe at the situation happening in front of him, but he wouldn’t let it show. not because he was afraid of opening up to you, but more due to the fact that he was unsure of how to react himself. giving comfort wasn’t his strong point (or so he thought), so even as he splayed his palms flat against the curve of your back to stroke along the muscles, he felt that it wasn’t enough. that the physical contact was just meaningless and what you craved were words—emotions that he didn’t even know how to come to terms with. with each new sound that emitted, he felt a lump in his throat which made it harder to swallow, and his throat constricted every time he wanted to speak, trapping his voice inside. what could he say? would everything sound like an excuse or pity?} Dongwoo.. {‘he finally managed to force out, but this felt raw. nothing was pre-planned, he didn’t know what he wanted to say but he needed to say something} I’m not joking. What kind of future we could have together is up to us to decide, but seeing you again makes me realize that the year without talking to you made me only want to keep you closer. I know this probably sounds like bullshit to you. I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry for making you cry like this. For disappearing without a word and coming back like this. I’m a jackass, honestly. {‘a dry chuckle leaves his mouth as he continues} As much as I want your forgiveness, and I may not even receive it right away, I ant your acceptance.

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{/His eyes’ objects of affection soon became the taller’s shoes; Dongwoo felt like a child in grammar school, schemed against and scolded by every one of the foreigner’s sharp words. Emotions flooded his mind in the form of endorphins and every hormone that his endocrine system could spare. Once more, the hacker’s pure sanity was at the beck and holler of the officer. Silently, two tears fell from either of his eyes—the left leading the right’s subtle drip. His nostrils did not quiver, and his face did not shake; his hands failed to find comfort and so, they became fists as he failed to truly process your words out of fear and disbelief. A future, he thought. Something he’s doubted for too long.} What do you mean? {/The black-haired boy’s words were simple, but they triggered a state of hysteria in what was once a calm ocean of an expression, his glasses fogging almost instantaneously as his eyelids slammed shut for dear life.}

[‘watching you standing there, silently crying in front of him—because of him—literally made Wufan speechless. he knows you’re the emotional type, it was obvious even with their first interaction, but throughout the time spent together, seeing you so vulnerable and open like this made his heart swell with so much emotion and regret—guilt, felt like a better term. he was guilty. he felt guilty, and yet afraid that if he admitted that, anything from him would be deemed some sort of pity when in reality, he just wanted to console. he wanted to reach out and tug you into his arms, or take those glasses off and dry your tears. he wanted to do something] What do I mean? I mean whatever you want it to mean. it’s been over a year since I’ve seen you and..yeah, I missed you too. I miss us. Whatever we had, it wasn’t just any ordinary connection. There was an honest bond that’s obviously still there. [‘if your tears weren’t enough evidence to his words, then the fact that you still stick around long enough to keep the conversation going was enough. he couldn’t take it anymore and he reached out to circle his arms around your shoulders for a tight embrace. whether or not that form of affection was welcomed was up to you, but it was hurting him to see you in this state]

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